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Here's the verdict (transcribed from German)

"Are you still cleaning or are you already living? In this video I will show you how you can save a lot of time cleaning with the Obode A8 plus.

You can find the link to this robot vacuum cleaner below in the video description.

With 30 sensors, it provides centimeter precision. Thanks to its Twin Turbo technology and 4000 pa of high-performance suction power, it's great for dirt like pet hair.

If you have pets, you know the problem that the hair is really spread everywhere in the apartment. This problem is completely solved with the robot vacuum, as it can remove pet hair without any problems.

But let's go into more detail about the device. With the help of LIDAR precision navigation, it always knows exactly where it is and creates perfect maps for cleaning your apartment.

In total, there are over 30 sensors installed here. Once we turn the robot vacuum over, we can pull this part out the back. Here we can then find everything we need.

When we open this flap, we can access the filter, which is washable. We can easily remove this by pulling on this little tip and then put it back in. But that's not all that can be found here.

We also find a 240 milliliter water tank, because the robot vacuum also has a wiping function, which I will show you in more detail later in the video.

In addition, we have the dust bin here, but we never have to empty it because we have an automatic suction station with it, which I will show you in a moment.

If we turn the unit over, we have two side brushes here and a roller in the middle. We can easily take these out for quick and easy cleaning if it does get a little dirty. Hook them back in afterwards and the device can be used again.

At the other end we then find the wiping plate, we can also simply remove this here. The wiping cloth can be removed and reattached by releasing the Velcro,
which also allows you to wash it.

In addition, we have two more side brushes as replacements in the scope of delivery. We also have another mop cloth included, as well as another filter. In addition, there is also a suction bag in the suction station and small tool that we
can use for cleaning.

Then we come to the suction station. This is charging and suction stations in one. The advantage is that it's kept really narrow, so we don't need a lot of space to set it up.

Up here, we can press on it and then we also already have access to the vacuum bag, which we can then remove here. This holds a total of two and a half liters.

Setting up the robot vacuum cleaner is very simple. We download the app, create
an account here and then we can already add our robot. Now we just follow the on-screen instructions, then add it to our Wi-Fi, and after that we've successfully paired the whole thing and the robot vacuum is ready to go.

After you run it for the first time, it has created a perfect map of your apartment, based on which we can now set everything possible. That is, we can say that we want it to clean the entire area, but we can also select only individual rooms that we want it to clean or a single area.

In addition, this robot vacuum also has voice control, which we can use with Google Home or Alexa, as well as change other settings on it. For example, we can create schedules for when the robot vacuum should start vacuuming automatically. We can also set that it should never disturb at a certain time,
for example at night and also other smaller setting we can make here.

Before we vacuum, we can then set how strong the suction level should be. We can choose between four different levels and also set the intensity of the water flow when we use the wiper. Here we can also set whether we want to use the mob or not. What I then noticed very positively in the first test is that the precision navigation really works wonderfully.

The vacuum robot does not collide with objects here, but notices beforehand when it is approaching an object, then slows down and then starts to turn slightly just before the object with it. This means we don't have the problem of it moving objects significantly.

That means the navigation with the 30 sensors really works incredibly well with this robot vacuum. With a charging time of 3 to 4 hours, it can run for up to 180 minutes in total.

Of course, it also recognizes whether it can drive under a piece of furniture. Everywhere he can drive underneath, he also drives down and cleans there. I have now distributed some dirt and pet hair to see how well the robot vacuum cleaner can suck everything away. I now let it run over this area and then we can already see that it really sucks away some of the stuff.

It pushes them really nicely to the front in the middle and then sucks them up when it drives over them. Here, he drives over all these places a few more times until all the dirt is really completely gone at the end.

And even though this is a really large amount of pet hair and somewhat larger clumps, it really sucks it all away wonderfully. In the end, it cleaned the area really well and I'm really pleased with the results of that.

When it's done with the cleaning process, it automatically returns to its charging station and carries all the dirt to the suction station. After that he then recharges until his next use. I also wanted to give it a try on carpet, of course. He has an automatic carpet detection, which he increases the suction power here on the carpet directly to the maximum.

On the carpet I have now of course also distributed a whole lot of dirt, so it should not look as a rule in a home of course. I also spread some cat hair on it to see how it sucks it away.

And after he has vacuumed here completely over the whole carpet, he has actually also removed all cat hair and the complete dirt from this carpet again, although it was already a really very large amount.

So it doesn't matter if you have smooth floors or carpeted floors, it really
has a good suction performance on all surfaces. The suction station lasts for at least 30 days, maybe even longer, depending on how often you use the robot vacuum before you have to empty the dust bag here then.

Of course, we also want to know how the robot vacuum wipes. For that, I took the module off the back once and now filled the water tank with water, because of course that's the first thing we have to do here. Then we take our wiper plate now once put this whole part back into the robot vacuum and the wiper plate we
also clamp underneath.

This is now still hanging up, but as soon as we start the robot vacuum with the wiping function, it lowers the wiper plate and begins to wipe over the floor. It vacuums in the front and mops in the back, which means we can do both in one step.

Since we can set the water flow rate here in four stages, we can also decide whether to use a lot of water here or less, depending on what kind of floor you have and how damp it may actually get in the end. So you can see here already quite well that it does its job really well.

When it drives towards a carpet, it recognizes this through the carpet detection and raises the mop plate again. This way, we can avoid the carpet getting wet and the mop being full of hair after it has wiped across the carpet.

The result at the end can really be seen here as well. Are you now also interested in the Obode A8 plus? Then be sure to check out the link below in
the video description, because that's where I linked you to this robot vacuum. I would also be very happy about a thumbs up and a subscription."



Thanks to Empfehlungsfuchs, you should check out his channel and we’re glad you’re enjoying the obode A8+ 


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