Frequently Asked Questions

Can you just vacuum without mopping?

Yes, the obode A8 can run multiple cleaning programs to fit your needs. Included is a vacuum-only mode where the mop pad will stay dry and lifted while the robot vacuums the floor.

What floor types can the robot vacuum clean? 

obode robot vacuum cleaners are built to handle floors of all types, such as; hardwood, ceramic, carpeted or composite floors.

Can the A8 climb stairs? 

No, obode robot vacuum cleaners can not climb stairs but can pass over a barrier under 20mm in height

How do I map a room?

Your obode device will automatically map the room. We suggest removing loose objects around the room the first time you use the device, so the robot can build a virtual map of an empty room. After mapping is complete, you can easily set up ‘no-go zones’ or custom cleaning routines in the mobile app.

Can the robot be washed with water or detergent?

Detachable parts can be washed with water and detergent but should be dried before being placed back into the robot. Washing the robot directly can damage the electrical components and cause the robot to fail.

The exterior of the robot can be wiped down with a damp cloth or towel in order to clean it.

What is near to far cleaning?

This is where the robot cleans the area furthest from the station first and makes its way back to the dock to avoid secondary contamination of passing through a cleaned area into a dirty area.  

Does the robot need light when it is cleaning?

No the obode uses LiDAR navigation which does not require light to perform for either mapping or navigation.

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